Seed Paper

BKR: Black rice
Store, Farm to earn
Industry: Content creation, Farm bank
Platform: bsc
maximumsupply: 20000000BKR


Mr.Preecha Sreesalai

Problem solving

BKR solves the gap between agriculture and finance by integrating them with a systematic approach that reduces financial and agricultural disparities.

It reduces the gap between agriculture and nature, which has been separated for many decades since the financial system was established. BKR creates an efficient organic agricultural ecosystem to reduce global environmental problems.

It was developed to reduce investment limitations and integrate people between food producers and consumers comprehensively.


BKR is a digital asset built on a platform linked to block chain technology, applied in real use with the Defarm system for fully integrated rice farmers in the agricultural sector.

Which will promote consumers, agriculture, and investors to invest in decentralized digital assets in the agricultural sector.

Value for participants

BKR is a coin that operates on a blockchain in a decentralized manner. It is developed to be suitable for farmers, businesses of all sizes, startups, environmental supporters, and NFTs.

This is to provide a foundation for agricultural and environmental restoration.

Value for BKR users

  1. Challenges in agriculture by being a network for rice farmers and entrepreneurs to collaborate together.
  2. Partners including consumers and farmers can use the platform to distribute the production power.
  3. Transforming crop varieties into digital assets and NFTs.
  4. It is a channel for investors, entrepreneurs, consumers, and farmers to work together in an integrated manner.

Environmental system accepted by BKR

Nature, plants, animals, digital, NFT, blockchain, and DAG

Benefits of the coin.

Used as a store of value.
Used for staking to earn interest.
Used for depositing to receive other digital farm assets.
Used for exchanging NFTs.
Used for exchanging agricultural products.

Seed is a cryptocurrency that combines natural elements created on a blockchain network and has a natural purpose. The objective can be sent as a total number of products person to person and may be a smart contract. The price depends on the quantity and market demand. Examples of seed are BLF and CBN

Seed Distribution

supporting the natural farm ecosystem 30%
developing the natural farm network 24%
reserving funds for the natural farm 30%
supporting flexible rice farming 10%
natural farm partner funds 5%
airdrop activities. 1%

Supporting the natural farm ecosystem

The budget to support the farm ecosystem will be used to manage and support new projects within the farm ecosystem system.

Developing the natural farm network

The budget for developing the farm network is to increase BKR spending both inside and outside the farm system.

Budget for rice silo reserve

This is a budget for emergency situations and for network developers.

Budget to support the flexibility of natural farming

This is a budget used for the initial stage of launching BKR service.

Budget for farmer and consumer partners.

This budget will be used to provide services for participants to join the farm network.

Airdrop activities.

This budget is used by the farm to distribute BKR to farmers in rice trading activities, including NFTs of the farm in the early stages.